The Dangers of Eating Red Meat

Cherima Chungag, Here and There Editor

March 22, 2012

Juicy burgers, sizzling steaks and succulent bacon—it all sounds mouth-wateringly delicious, but it could also drive you towards the grave. For years, doctors have advised people to reduce the amount of red meat they eat...

Bella Mia Review

Erin Pienta, Editor-in-Chief

March 16, 2012

Tucked just off Main Street in quiet downtown Plymouth, Bella Mia formal aims to take the average high school girl’s wardrobe to the next level. Walking into the store, you’ll be greeted by their warm staff and lots of girly...

The Dating Fix

Jaclyn Godwin, Staff Reporter

March 6, 2012

Home alone on a Friday night? Need some dating advice? Take a deep breath. Everyone has gone through somewhat of a slump in their social life. But don't worry! There is an easy fix to this problem. Movie night? Hockey game? Bowling...

Tips to Fake a Good Night’s Sleep

Jessica Montgomery, Associate Editor-in-Chief

March 1, 2012

Many Mercy girls often find they are getting nowhere near the recommended amount of sleep for teenagers.  Although nothing is the perfect substitute for getting enough shut eye, here are a few tips to help “fake” getting...

How to Fishtail Braid

January 23, 2012

Spring Break Body

Christina Hadley, Staff Reporter

January 20, 2012

Spring break is 51 days away, but most people already have their vacation planned down to the last detail. We're experts at planning ahead when it comes to figuring out where we want to go, who is going with us, and what we should...

Some like it Hot, Some like it Cold

Christina Hadley, Staff Reporter

December 15, 2011

Can't stand spending another Christmas choking down Aunt Betsy's rock hard fruitcake?  Just want to have a relaxing change of scenery, and maybe study for finals by a pool rather than in your drafty, cluttered room? A trip, to...

Service: The Best Gift of All

Chloe Henderson, Staff Reporter

December 14, 2011

As we look forward to our Christmas break and wonderful times with family and friends, remember that the holiday season is often the most difficult time for the less fortunate.  Many people do not have a warm home, gifs to share,...

Don’t Let Santa Break the Bank

Megan Bolton, Staff Reporter

November 9, 2011

With the holidays quickly approaching, the anticipation builds.  We wait hopefully for snow, Christmas break, turkey dinners, snow days, and Christmas carols.  All of the things that make this season extra special.  How...

Trick or Treat!

Tori Noble, Staff Reporter

October 31, 2011

Imagine Halloween without the candy! Would the holiday be the same without the treats? According to the National Confectioner's Association (yes, there is such a thing), the average American will spend $7.36 on Halloween candy...

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