Link Crew positively affects the lives of everyone that encounters it, and it will only continue to make a difference in the halls of Mercy as years go by. (Photo Credit: Trish Brown)

A bittersweet ending

Sydney Hughes, Design Editor
April 1, 2017
Due to the warm weather and lack of snow, the ski team has been unable to fully engage in many activities, races, and practices. (Photo Credit: Sydney Hughes)

It’s a sNOw go

Sydney Hughes, Design Editor
February 1, 2017
The holidays are a joyful time for everyone, but it’s important to recognize the true meaning of Christmas behind the tempting gifts and decorations. (Photo Credit: Sydney Hughes)

Has Christmas lost its meaning?

Sydney Hughes, Design Editor
January 8, 2017
Many people across the nation may struggle with weight gain during the holidays, but with the right action plan, it is simple to avoid. (Photo Credit: Sydney Hughes)

Just one more bite

Sydney Hughes, Design Editor
November 29, 2016
Sophomore Emily Susitko reads a BuzzFeed article about the clowns sightings to stay informed about the issue. (Photo Credit: Sydney Hughes)

Quit clowning around

Sydney Hughes, Design Editor
October 11, 2016
Shake it up

Shake it up

Sydney Hughes, Design Editor
September 20, 2016
 Princes impact on the world and music through his lyrics and performances has serves as an inspiration to not only young artists, but to his audience as well. (Photo credit: Fair Use)

A legacy left behind

Sydney Hughes, Staff Reporter
May 1, 2016
Students line with their partners as they learn the basics of salsa dancing. (Photo credit: Sydney Hughes)

La noche de salsa

Sydney Hughes, Staff Reporter
March 11, 2016
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