A legacy left behind


Prince’s impact on the world and music through his lyrics and performances has serves as an inspiration to not only young artists, but to his audience as well. (Photo credit: Fair Use)

It’s a sad time across the globe as the death of music legend Prince is mourned by many. On April 21, the multitalented artist passed away in Chanhassen, MN. Prince’s death left people in tears, as he had such a large impact on their lives and the world. Prince was a world-renowned singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor, but for senior Katherine Perlman, he was more than that.

“He was the first musician that I ever saw and really appreciated for his craft,” said Perlman. “There was just something about the way that he carried himself and the way that he was able to make so many people happy with his music. I just respected and appreciated [him] so much that I worshiped the guy. He meant a lot to me.”

Prince meant a lot to many people across the globe, speaking to them through his various songs. His talent as an artist was extremely evident, but Prince also opened doors for artists everywhere, allowing them to have creative control over their music and sound.

“[I was most impressed with] the revolution that he started in the recording industry for artists,” said Perlman. “Without him, artists would not be able to have creative control over what music they put out. He pioneered that movement and for a while, he kind of stood alone, but without him, I think the recording industry and music would be very different today.”

There is no doubt Prince’s performances were outstanding, at least in part because of the wide range of instruments he played. From hits like “Purple Rain” to “Kiss”, Prince’s lyrics and instrumentals gave his audience chills. Dean of Student Affairs Mrs. Eleasha Tarplin is one of the many who has been positively impacted by Prince’s music.

“I was introduced to Prince when I was fairly young,” said Mrs. Tarplin. “Because his music was so diverse, it opened me up to more diverse music like R&B or rap.”

Not only did Prince pave a new pathway for upcoming musicians to follow, but during his journey, his attitude and personality never changed.

“[I’m impressed] that he was able to stay true to [himself],” said Mrs. Tarplin. “A lot of people talked about the way he looked or said various things about him, but he always stayed true to Prince, [and] whatever [he] wanted. He’s just real.”

Prince has left a huge mark on the music industry, on people, and the world because he tackled important issues that were often ignored and shoved under the rug, such as sexuality and race.

“When he came around, things were more mainstream,” said Mrs. Tarplin. “[However], he was one of those artists that was a crossover artist. He crossed over gender, race, and [other things], so I think he definitely opened doors.”