Spanish Honor Society: a year in review


Sydney Hughes

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) is more than just a school club, it’s a way for Mercy girls to learn about, understand, and appreciate a culture different from their own.

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) says “hasta luego” to the 2016-17 school year. SHH is an academic language club that appreciates the Spanish language and teaches members about various Hispanic cultures. In addition to becoming more educated about the culture of Spanish speaking countries, SHH is heavily involved in the Spanish-speaking community through service projects, such as the Pulsera Project, where SHH members sell bracelets.

“Spanish Honor Society is a really great society to be a part of,” said senior officer Allie Sanderson. “We’re really pride ourselves in spreading the Spanish culture throughout the halls of Mercy and I think that, so far, SHH has done a pretty great job.”

In addition to the meetings that take place throughout the year, SHH participates in multiple activities to help its members in becoming immersed in Spanish culture, such as going on restaurant trips, watching Spanish movies, and creating traditional Spanish crafts. SHH members gathered in Mercy’s media center at the beginning of the school year to watch Spanish movies titled Instructions Not Included and The Book of Life.

“I love the fiestas where we watch movies because of the fact that we’re forced to watch them in Spanish,” said junior member Holly Ashworth. “Personally, I really love Spanish and the Spanish culture, so it helps me a lot to be able to practice my skills while doing something I enjoy. The movies are really cute too, so that always a plus.”

Activities don’t alway take place on the Mercy grounds, however. Occasionally, members go to Mexican Town in Detroit to enjoy some authentic Hispanic cuisine. Mercy girls love their food, so what better way to teach them about another culture than to combine the two?

“My favorite activity was the trip to the Cuban restaurant in Detroit, hands down,” said Sanderson. “It was such a fun way to experience the Hispanic culture through delicious food. I think these restaurant trips are a favorite activity among SHH members because of the fact that Mercy girls love food and it’s a nice change of environment to be able to eat in the restaurant.”