Has Christmas lost its meaning?


The holidays are a joyful time for everyone, but it’s important to recognize the true meaning of Christmas behind the tempting gifts and decorations. (Photo Credit: Sydney Hughes)

Everyone loves the holidays because what’s not to love? There’s cookie decorating, singing, holiday parties, Santa, and those special gifts you’ve been wanting all year. The holidays are filled with gifts, celebrations, food, and fun. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year, but is that what Christmas is really about? Is Christmas all about getting the biggest and most expensive gift? Is it about throwing the best Christmas party or wearing the ugliest sweater? Or is the point of Christmas to watch cheesy holiday specials and have the best lights display? No. Beneath all the glitz and glam, Christmas has a much more serious and sentimental meaning to it, but society and the media have distorted and “watered it down” into the more commercialized version we see today.

The world may be constantly updating and transforming, but does that mean we have to leave behind our roots. Christmas doesn’t revolve around over-the-top light displays and presents; it’s meant to be a religious festival celebrated with families and friends. The true meaning of Christmas goes all the way back to biblical times because it is a time to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ. Plastic Santas and tacky decorations may be cute, but they take away from the importance of this sacred day. Don’t get me wrong — I know that not everyone is into the commercialized Christmas. I know many people truly celebrate Christmas as a day of Christ, not a day of material items.

So, if there are plenty of people who recognize the real meaning behind Christmas, then why does this “fake” Christmas still exist? You would think that there would be some worldwide revelation that Christmas time is the time for Jesus, instead of shopping and caroling, but that is not the case. I think the mastermind behind this is the media. Television, movie productions, and news publications often fantasize about this commercialized Christmas full of fluff because that’s what attracts their customers. The eyes of the world are clouded by constant advertisements and over-the-top light displays.

To me, it’s clear that the celebrations of Christmas have changed, but I do believe that if an effort is made, the real Christmas can be put back into its rightful place.