A passion for leadership


Junior Clare Brees-Oswald has already started three clubs at Mercy, and is working on starting her fourth: Politics club. (Photo credit: Emma Kruse)

Junior Clare Brees-Oswald has always been a leader. She has a fearless approach to every aspect of her life that is the reason for much of her success. Not afraid to organize people or events, she has a natural talent for coordinating things effortlessly.

Brees-Oswald is involved in Female Empowerment Movement (FEM) club, Mock Trial, Cultural Cuisine club, Black Awareness Society for Education (BASE), iWizards, Link Crew, the recently created Debate team, and hopefully soon, Politics club.

“I tend to join clubs focusing on social justice and equality; that’s what I’m passionate about,” said Brees-Oswald.

With her friends and teachers, Brees-Oswald has helped start FEM club her freshman year, Debate team and Cultural Cuisine club this year, and she recently proposed an idea to the Dean of Students for a Politics club. FEM club is her favorite, and it has been quite a success among Mercy girls.

“It’s my baby,” said Brees-Oswald, referring to FEM Club.

The club meets every other week, and discusses important issues and topics relating to women, focusing on promoting equality and justice.

Brees-Oswald said she was inspired to start the Debate team by girls in her Link Crew who expressed a desire for one.

She also helped start Cultural Cuisine club, which meets monthly and is a way for Mercy girls to try a variety of different foods from different parts of the world.

Now, she has her mind set on Politics club. The idea is for members to discuss a topic – such as the upcoming elections – and then there would be an open forum discussion or debate to share ideas and knowledge. Social Studies teacher Mr. Mike Barnes has agreed to moderate the club.


Participating in clubs is a huge part of Brees-Oswald’s life and she enjoys sharing her interests and beliefs with others through them.

“I’m definitely a leader, not a follower,” she said.