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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Slime Spectacular Was A Major Success!


Last Friday, February 23, Mrs. Sara McGavin’s classroom underwent a colorful transformation resulting in a mess of slime. However, rest assured, this was no accident, rather it was the result of Mercy High School’s first ever Slime Spectacular. Equipped with borax solution, food dye, foam beads, and clay, N-11 welcomed freshmen all day as they transformed liquid glue into fantastic slime creations to take home or enjoy throughout the school day. Yet, the primary focus of this event was not just slime-making.

Being a Link Crew social event, the Slime Spectacular aimed to help Mercy’s freshmen make new connections and to aid them in acclimating to the new environment of high school. The switch from middle to high school is stressful for everyone, and having undergone this experience, Link Crew leaders organize events to provide freshmen with a comfortable space removed from outside stressors, allowing them to enjoy their freshman year experience.

“First of all, slime is so fun to make, so it’s a great way for freshmen to meet new people or hang out with the friends they have made along their first year,” Mercy Link Crew Leader Izzy Ahme said. “It’s just one place where they can all be in the same place, not be intimidated or be thinking about academics, or all the other pressures of high school, just be in the moment with each other.”

Meeting every Monday morning at 7:30 A.M., Mercy’s Link Crew, alongside their advisors, Mrs. Schmitt and Mrs. McGavin, diligently work on planning, coordinating, promoting, and leading events centered on the well-being of Mercy’s first years. 

“We all meet with our moderators, Mrs. McGavin and Mrs. Schmitt, and we brainstorm and break off into our core committees, and there’s a committee dedicated to events like this,” Ahme said.

However, Mercy’s Link Crew doesn’t stop at hosting in school events in their aim to make the Mercy experience more enjoyable for freshmen. As every Mercy girl can attest, a critical role Link Crew leaders hold is overseeing their designated Link Crews—groups of eight to ten freshmen assigned to one or two Link Crew leaders. These groups meet monthly to support freshmen while they are adjusting to Mercy and allow them to create new bonds within the group. 

The work of Link Crew and its positive influence on Mercy freshmen cannot be overstated. For years, these leaders have warmly welcomed freshmen, and their uplifting, helpful energy has been ingrained into the freshman experience.

“They help me get to know other freshmen better and spend more time with my friends when I might not have time after school,” freshman Hope Carmona said. 

Last Friday’s Slime Spectacular, like previous Link Crew events, was a major success as evident in the vibrant slime seen throughout Mercy and the colorful explosion of glue, food coloring and slime in Mrs. McGavin’s classroom by day’s end.

  “I think it was a success because Mrs. McGavin’s room is an absolute mess right now and there is so much slime roaming around the school. Also, I think a lot of people stopped by, so it was a total success,” Ahme said.  

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