Science club: for the enthused and inquisitive


Science club will meet Wednesday, December 3 at 1:40 in the gym. (Photo credit: Chanel Taylor)

Science club is one of the longest-standing clubs at Mercy High School. It includes members from every grade and engages them at meetings with science-related activities. At the club’s first meeting this year, members were challenged to make the tallest marshmallow structure.

Science club attracts many members because it explores experiment-based projects outside the classroom. The things students take away from Science club enhance their knowledge and often give them an edge in science classes.

“I joined this year to get more involved at Mercy,” said Ellison. “I like the activities we do and it’s something to add when I apply for college.”

Other students, like freshman Mary Powers, plan to become more involved in the club and apply for leadership positions.

“I hope to run for the advisory board once I’m an upperclassman,” said Powers. “Science is my favorite subject and this club gives me more chances to learn about it.”

Science club encourages girls to try hands-on activities and allows them to be imaginative.

Chemistry teacher and club moderator Ms. Kathy Kitzmann said animals may be featured at one of the club’s future meetings.

“In April, we’re planning on having representatives from Binder Park Zoo come give a presentation,” she said.

So if you’re looking for something to do on a 1:40 day, check out Science club.