1 Second Everyday: a movie directed by and starring you

Imagine a movie that features every day of the rest of your life.  That’s the whole idea of the 1 Second Everyday app.  It allows you to upload photos or second-long clips of videos that highlight one second of every day of your life.

When I got the app a month ago I didn’t know what to expect, but after familiarizing myself  with it and seeing my life in snapshots, it was easy to see just how much of an impact it could have.  If I use the app for a year, I will have an approximately five minute video, displaying one moment from every day of my year.

Technology is often looked down upon because it can be distracting and take away from human interaction, but this app is a shining example of how accessible technology can make a lasting impression.

I often find myself looking back on the past year and wishing I recorded it better.  The days fly by and it’s difficult to properly capture them. However,  the idea of being able to look back on a year and remember each moment recorded is truly worth the one dollar invested in this app.

After watching the tutorial and becoming familiar with the navigation, I found out just how easy it is to use. It also offers the option of setting daily alarms to remind the user to snap a quick picture of whatever she is doing at the moment.

I am not a big app user; you wouldn’t find much more than the basics on my phone, but this is one app I do not regret purchasing.  People often forget how lucky we are to have the ability to record anything we want at the press of the button. This app reminds me to take a step back and document my life, so that I will be able to relive it whenever I’m feeling nostalgic.

Molly Schwalm