Oil Wars: President Threatens Veto on Road Bill Over Keystone XL

Tori Noble, Staff Reporter

April 27, 2012

Despite several nasty campaign ads targeting Obama’s energy policy, the president vows to veto the TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline legislation. The proposal, contained in a standard roads improvement bill passed by the...

Mercy junior creates Girl Scout program to promote service

Katie Denton, Staff Reporter

March 22, 2012

By middle school, most of us have retired our patch-covered Brownie vests to the back of our closets. But junior Molly O’Sullivan still continues to live by the Girl Scout law. O'Sullivan joined the Scouts when she was four...

Spring fever sizzles in March

Megan Bolton, Staff Reporter

March 22, 2012

  Not that we’re complaining, but the National Weather Service says metro Detroit is about to break the record for consecutive 60-degree temps in March.  Officials are predicting that these temperature patterns should continue for the next few weeks. Most of us couldn’t be more pleased to welcome the sun back into our daily routine.  But with that comes the danger of letting spring fever take completely over our lives.  If you are getting in the habit of enjoying the sun and springtime but your homework and responsibilities are falling short, Newsprint has some helpful hints to find your balance. Make The Outdoors Your Work Space:  If you want to soak up some of that sun but STILL need to get homework done, grab a towel or lawn chair and kill two birds with one stone.  Enjoy the warmth while still tackling Trigonometry assignments.  Just don’t forget the sun screen! Get Physical: Are you someone who makes physical activity a part of their daily routine?  Well say goodbye to that stuffy gym and hello to some real oxygen.  These wonderful temps of 65 and sunny have made people move outside for their exercise, and you can too! It’s All About the Balance: Using time management skills can really help you to have your cake and eat it, too.  If you are desperately craving some of that spring time sensation, get all your work and chores done as soon as you can, and spend the rest of your day enjoying the weather.  ...

The Craziest Party that Never Happened

Tori Noble, Katie Denton, Jessie LaRouere, Staff Reporters

March 16, 2012

Although three Farmington Hills boys’ plans to throw a party entitled “Project M” were squandered by local authorities last week, the hosts, two of whom are local Farmington Hills Harrison High School students, say that...

Google Earth: Brain Edition

Elaina Weber, Features Editor

March 9, 2012

Let’s say you are going to a friend’s house for the first time.  You open your web browser, click your trusty Google Maps app, and type in the address.  In a split second, a piece of the world that was unknown to you reveals...

2012 Republican Caucuses

Mariel-Christine Mulqueen, Staff Reporter

March 8, 2012

Now that Super Tuesday is a distant memory,  the two candidates in the lead are Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum who both hold the most delegates. Romney’s total now adds up to six states after his win of Ohio. Though he seems...

Invisible Children

Invisible Children

March 8, 2012

Tragedy in Ohio

Jessie LaRouere, Staff Reporter

March 2, 2012

Three students died Monday morning when classmate T.J. Lane shot 10 rounds at four students at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio. “This is not about bullying, this is not about drugs,” said David, Joyce, the Geauga Country...

Love, Peace, and Soul

Kellie Brue, Opinions Editor

February 8, 2012

Don Cornelius, the creator of the hit musical variety show Soul Train, passed away last Wednesday. Cornelius was the show’s host from 1971-1993. Soul Train was enjoyed by many people. Parents still remember pretending they w...

Magellan’s Protege: Teen Circumnavigates the Globe

Margaret Reaume, Staff Reporter

January 26, 2012

When she set her unsteady feet on land, it was hard to believe what she had accomplished. The journey had been plagued by obstacles, yet she had also had experiences most people her age would not. It took almost two years; she...

Titanic Part Two?

Titanic Part Two?

January 20, 2012

Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan