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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy Varsity Figure Skating glides its way to states


  The Mercy varsity figure skating team competed in their third district competition of the 2013-2014 season recently. However, this competition was different than all the others. Each year, the top three teams from every district advance to the State Finals. The district competitions consist of three categories: jumps, moves and spins. In each of these, there are six elements which the team must preform.  This year, A, B and C team placed well in previous competitions which put them in a position to qualify for the State Championships. During each practice, Coach Michelle Sibley strategically organized the elements for each skater. Some skaters did their usual elements. Among these was B-team senior Katherine Powers who did the twizzles for the moves category. Twizzles are executed like a spin on one foot, but they travel across the ice and are typically used in footwork and advanced choreography.

“I love doing twizzles,” said Powers. “I practice them for every competition and we have done pretty well in moves this year.”

However, some skaters executed new elements. Prior to the competition, a mishap occurred and B-team sophomore Kelly Mau was unable to make it in time for the competition. Extemporaneously, senior Shannon Manz took over one of her elements: the single axle .

“I was nervous to do an axel,” said Manz. “I normally don’t practice it, but when coach asked me to do it I took on the challenge.”

 Despite her fears, Manz landed the axle, boosting B team up in the standings for Jumps.

Even though MVFS has experienced trouble in past seasons, each team member worked their hardest this season in order to achieve their ultimate goal of competing at the State Championships in March– something they have not done in seven years.

“We are really doing a great job this year,” said Manz. “You can tell how badly each skater wants the chance to compete at States just by the way they take the ice.”

MVFS fared well at their last competition and the team’s hard work certainly paid off. Both the A and C teams made it to the State Championships. The A-team placed third overall with a total of 25 points, and C-team also placed third overall with a cumulative score of 23 points. B-Team was very close to reaching their goal. Trailing just seven points from third place, they finished in fifth place with a total of 26 points.



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