Some students use HBCU water bottlesto show support for their future schools. (Photo credit: Alycia Washington)

Separate but equal college educations

Alycia Washington, Senior Staff Reporter
April 25, 2015
Naturally introverted people might resent the pressure placed on them to be outgoing, but extroversion is a necessary quality in today’s society (Photo Credit: Katie Schubert).

The ‘Irks’ of Being a Wallflower

Katie Schubert, Senior Staff Reporter
March 18, 2015
Photo Credit: Public Domain, Wikipedia Commons. Fair Use.

Black history: forgotten figures

Chanel Taylor, Staff Reporter
March 3, 2015
Words like these are used to stereotype people suffering with mental illness everyday. #BellLetsTalk aims to end the use of words like these to define the topic of mental illness (Photo Credit: Bridgette Conniff)

A mission to end the stigma

Bridgette Conniff, Staff Reporter
February 5, 2015
President Obama has a goal of making American first in four-year degree attainment by 2020
(Photo Credit: Chanel Taylor).

“America’s College Promise”

Chanel Taylor, Staff Reporter
February 1, 2015
Meninism, an anti-feminist movement inspired by a parody Twitter account, has recently gained momentum among young males. The group even has its own merchandise available for purchase (Photo Credit: Katie Schubert).

“Meninism” demonstrates that feminism needs a makeover

Katie Schubert, Senior Staff Reporter
January 22, 2015
The pro-life club views and discusses a video that draws parallels between abortion and the Nazi holocaust (Photo Credit: Emma Mallon).

Pro-life power

Emma Mallon, Senior Staff Reporter
December 7, 2014
(Photo Credit: Allia McDowell)

Give a little more

Allia McDowell, Staff Reporter
December 4, 2014
Students listen as junior Arin Bell passionately voices her opinion about the perils of colorism (Photo Credit: Chanel Taylor).

Cracking down on “color-code”

Chanel Taylor, Staff Reporter
November 26, 2014
Though teachers are responsible for shaping the minds of the future, they are less respected in American society than doctors, businessmen, and lawyers (Photo Credit: Katie Schubert).

Teaching: America’s most undervalued profession

Katie Schubert, Senior Staff Reporter
November 25, 2014
Voting is an important right many Americans do not take as seriously as they should. (Photo Credit: Theresa Benton).

The cost of a vote

Theresa Benton, Staff Reporter
November 6, 2014
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