Homecoming: stressing the night away


Juniors Gianna Parlove and Addie Powell take time out of their busy day to online shop for homecoming dresses.

Is it the dress and the need for it to fit perfectly? Is it the stress of getting up the courage to ask that really cute guy from Catholic Central? The reservations which need to be made two months in advance? Maybe the makeup appointment and the pressure to achieve the perfect smokey eye? If not the makeup appointment, then it must be the hair appointment. Whimsical curls, braids, ponytails, waves, sleek and straight– how does one begin to pick?

Before school schedules are even released, girls begin stressing over homecoming. Dress shopping begins in July, followed by shoe shopping in August, then appointments and reservations in September, and then, finally, the date of homecoming arrives.

Homecoming is supposed to be a day of laughter, excitement, and fun. Yet, too often it turns into a day of stress, tears, and money not-so-well spent.

Homecoming, for the most part, is overrated. The amount of time and money spent is a waste. Once the makeup fades and the dress comes off, what is left? An empty wallet and a corsage from some boy who may never be in contact again does not seem like ample compensation for what most girls go through for the sake of a dance.

In today’s society, girls feel the pressure from peers and friends to attend homecoming. They feel pressured to buy the most expensive dress and look like a supermodel while wearing it. Needless to say, buying a $120 dress to wear only once is a waste. Why not just put on some sweatpants and a cozy sweatshirt and watch a movie instead? The pressure girls feel to attend this “cool” and “popular” event is extreme and unnecessary. It is important for girls to be confident and comfortable in their decisions, and going to an event just because “it’s the cool thing to do” should not be encouraged.

Homecoming is not for everyone, and junior Meg Powers found an alternate homecoming plan last September.

“I’m not into dances and getting all dressed up,” said Powers. “With my busy work and sport schedule, it was hard to find a dress and make plans.”

Instead of attending the dance, Powers, along with her Mercy friends, attended the Zac Brown Band concert.

“It was great and hassle-free,” said Powers. “I would definitely recommend finding an alternate plan if anyone is uncomfortable or uninterested in homecoming.”