Lake Michigan, the third largest Great Lake, currently holds such clear water due to melting ice and the zebra mussels and quagga that have provided filtration, allowing the bottom of the lake to be seen vividly from the sky (Photo Credit: Danya Ziazadeh).

Lake Michigan: a man-made ecosystem

Danya Ziazadeh, Web Editor
May 7, 2015
Mercy juniors catch up on sleep after a long week. According to WebMD, sleep deprivation and sleep disorders affect more than 70 million Americans, and one-third of all Americans display severe symptoms of insomnia (Photo Illustration: Danya Ziazadeh).

Sleep deprivation linked to reduction in brain size

Danya Ziazadeh, Web Editor
April 13, 2015
Alzheimer’s disease affects about 5 million Americans and is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Currently, there is no cure (Graphic Credit: MCT Wire Service).

Alzheimer’s: Glimmer of hope for a hopeless disease

Danya Ziazadeh, Web Editor
February 24, 2015

Around the world in 80 seconds

Molly Schwalm, Design Editor
January 20, 2015
The series finale of Friends, which aired in 2004, garnered over 50 million views, making it the most watched episode of the decade (Photo Credit: Fair Use, Wikipedia Commons).

The one with Netflix

Danya Ziazadeh, Web Editor
January 9, 2015
Photo used with permission by: Meg Makarewicz

Concert carries Christmas spirit

Danya Ziazadeh, Web Editor
December 21, 2014
Christmas Coupon Links

Christmas Coupon Links

Danya Ziazadeh and Megan Haase, Web Editor and Copy Editor
December 15, 2014

Mercy Christmas King 2014

Newsprint Staff
December 14, 2014
Type 1 diabetes, which is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, currently has no cure (Graphic Credit: MCT Wire Service).

Great promise for diabetes cure

Danya Ziazadeh, Web Editor
November 12, 2014
Photo Credit: Nicole Di Ponio

Prank It Forward

Emma Mallon, Senior Staff Reporter
November 5, 2014
Photo Credit: Danya Ziazadeh

Pizza, Jams, and Jeans: a favorite tradition

Danya Ziazadeh, Web Editor
October 26, 2014
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