Concert carries Christmas spirit

Photo used with permission by: Meg Makarewicz

The annual “Christmas Concert,” which features performances by the Mercyaires, Glee, and Orchestra, is an event that students and staff  always look forward to.

This year, performances by the Mercyaires included “This Little Babe,” “Sleep, Sleep, Sleep,” and “Oh Holy Night.”

Solos were performed by seniors Gina Mazziotti and Lia Korzeniewski, Theresa Walle, and Natalie Apollinari, who sang “Silent Night,” “Gesu Bambino,” and “The Little Cradle Rocks Tonight in Glory,” respectively.

Senior Natalie Apollinari really enjoyed singing her solo and performing with the rest of the Mercyaires.

“I think we [were] really strong on all our pieces and we move[d] the audience,” Apollinari said.

Apollinari, who has performed at the concert since she was a freshman, will miss the beloved tradition for years to come.

“I’m very sad that it’s my last Christmas concert at Mercy,” she said. “I’ll miss it.”

The concert ended with a combined performance from the Mercyaires and Glee, who sang “The Sleigh,” and the Mercyaires, Glee, and Orchestra, who performed the annual “Hallelujah Chorus.”

Mercyaires member and senior Meg Makarewicz said that in all her four years as a Mercyaire member, this was one of her favorite concerts.

“The Mercyaires had great harmonies and the Glee class put on a fantastic show,” said Makarewicz. “Orchestra was amazing, as usual. The  feeling of the concert was very peaceful and melodic. I absolutely loved [it].”