A choir must be over a specific size to qualify for choral festival, so the Mercyaires and Advanced Glee  joined forces to compete (Photo credit: Mrs. Rebekah Ferguson).

Concert Choir earns ‘Excellent’ at MSVMA State Choral Festival

Theresa Walle, Editor-in-Chief
May 23, 2015
Though the AP Government students will take the national AP exam May 12, the students took a day off from studying to experience court (Photo credit: Cindy Richter)

AP Government class visits Michigan Court of Appeals

Theresa Walle, Editor-in-Chief
May 8, 2015
Students met with 37th District State Representative Christine Greig, another conference attendee.
(Left to right: Morgan Pfaff, Megan Haase, Kelly Eusebi, Halle Mohr, Rachel Wagner, State Representative Christine Greig, Chrissie Clayton, Eleanor K., Sarah Henning, Julia Petroff, and Katelyn Toloff)
(Photo Credit: Ms. Cindy Richter).

AP Government class celebrates International Women’s Day

Theresa Walle, Editor-in-Chief
March 19, 2015
Having received the Heart of Mercy in 2000, Mr. Meloche has had the award longer than any current staff member (Photo Credit: Theresa Walle).

Heart of Mercy nominations open

Theresa Walle, Editor-in-Chief
February 1, 2015
Senior Sarah Hughes joined Mercy’s symphony orchestra as a senior (Photo Credit: Theresa Walle).

Student spotlight: clarinetist Sarah Hughes

Theresa Walle, Editor-in-Chief
December 10, 2014
The Christmas Gift Drive ends Dec. 8 at noon when organizations arrive to pack the gifts under the Reception Area Christmas tree (Photo Credit: Theresa Walle).

Christmas Gift Drive seeks donations

Theresa Walle, Editor-in-Chief
December 8, 2014
(Cartoon Credit: Theresa Walle).

Opinion: Teach-to-the-test mentality plagues U.S. education system

Theresa Walle, Editor-in-Chief
October 15, 2014
The Mercyaires Honor Choir meets regularly outside of  its seventh hour class to perform for the community.
Photo courtesy of Kendall Reid

Mercyaires perform with St. Mary’s Jazz Band

Theresa Walle, Editor-in-Chief
September 8, 2014
Moving Up

Moving Up

August 21, 2014
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