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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Moving Up


After a long summer’s wait, students officially advanced to the next grade on Tuesday in traditional Mercy style. Following an all-school mass celebrated by Fr. Mark Brauer of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish to start off the new year, the historic Moving Up ceremony took place.

At the end of mass, Dean of Student Affairs Ms. Eleasha Tarplin approached the podium to begin the ceremony. The freshwomen temporarily exited to the gym where they played friendship-building games led by Ninth Grade Counselor and Link Crew Coordinator Ms. Trish Brown.

Although 2013-2014 Student Body President Bridget Carlson was unable to attend the ceremony, a video was played of her delivering her final goodbye speech at the baccalaureate mass last spring.

“It was unfortunate that Mercy didn’t get to hear it in person because it was an incredible speech,” said senior and 2014-2015 Student Body President Taylor Babcock, “but Mercy was also blessed to have Bridget for as long as they did.”

Babcock then addressed the school for the first time under her new title. Babcock emphasized the importance for all staff and students, regardless of grade or position, to accept responsibility for the mistakes of last year in order to have a successful 2015 school year. Addressing specifically the senior class, Babcock urged the students to be open to change and new traditions.

Associate Principal of Academic Affairs Ms. Colleen Rozman entered the stage following Babcock’s speech and directed students to arrange in their class sections. By the end of the ceremony, the senior class’s  jubilant shouts of “1-5,1-5” filled the auditorium.

“I thought it was really exciting to finally be a senior,” said senior Leslie Ventura. “You wait all of high school to get to the top, and it was a really great way to start off the year.”

The assembly did not end there. The sophomore, junior, and senior classes turned around in their seats, welcomed the freshwomen back into the auditorium, chanted “welcome freshmen” and clapped rhythmically.

“I thought it was cool,” said freshwoman Kylie Ritchi. “I felt more welcomed.”

The assembly concluded with a school-wide sing-a-long to the school anthem: “We are Mercy High”. A clip of the sing-a-long can be found on the school’s official Facebook webpage,

Photo Credit: Nicole Di Ponio


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