The Marvel Cinematic Universe currently includes 11 films with 10 more in production/development, three television shows with three more in production/development, and a number of short films (Photo credit: Jillian Law).

Marvel Mania

Jillian Law, Senior Staff Reporter
May 5, 2015
The movie adaption of The DUFF loses much of what makes the novel unique in terms of plot and character development. The film favors more of a traditional high school-movie format (Photo Credit: CBS Film).

Dumbing down the DUFF

Jillian Law, Senior Staff Reporter
February 1, 2015
Senior Denali Drake encourages her Link Crew to study by making note cards and memorizing them (Photo Credit: Jillian Law).

A study guide to finals

Jillian Law, Senior Staff Reporter
December 4, 2014
The Media Center’s fiction section has added several new titles including popular contemporary novels such as Shiver  and  Just Listen (Photo Credit: Jillian Law).

Rearranging the shelves

Jillian Law, Senior Staff Reporter
October 24, 2014
Senior Gabrielle Barthel enjoys spending the day exploring each floor of John K. King Bookstore, not knowing what she will find (Jillian Law).

Turning the Page

Jillian Law, Staff Reporter
September 23, 2014

Une Grande Fête

May 13, 2014
Becoming Apple

Becoming Apple

December 2, 2013
Goodreads allows readers to track what they are reading by page number, keeps track of exactly how long it takes to read it, and what percent of the book theyve read.

The Reader’s Facebook

October 11, 2013
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