Review: “Bad Blood” by Bastille

With Christmas just around the corner, Christmas carols flood the radio stations. If you’re stuck on how to get these songs out of your head, or just want to add a CD stocking stuffer to your list, look no further than Bastille’s new album Bad Blood.

The band Bastille is an alternative rock group that often features more electronic and pulsing vibes than most rock groups. Bad Blood brings  a wide range of musical styles together into a number of songs.

Bad Blood starts with a fast-paced, alternative hit, “Pompeii”. The song encompasses the group’s different sound with a pounding beat and a repeating chorus filling the background. Songs like “Things We Lost in the Fire” and “Flaws” continue the trend of a chant and pounding beat. The unique sound offered through each song flows nicely throughout the album.

For any die-hard Imagine Dragons or Phoenix fan, this album is a perfect fit. Listen in to their hit “Things We Lost in the Fire” to see if this is an album for you.