Mercy Delegates Excel at Final Simulation

Mercy students competed at University of Detroit Jesuit High School’s MUN simulation the first weekend of December. This competition marked the end of the local simulations and included the typical students from Mercy, U of D, Brother Rice,  and Marian. This simulation was unique, however, because it also included girls from the Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Three councils were presented which covered a wide variety of topics, including global climate change in the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the division of Africa in Berlin Conference 1884, and the Benghazi crisis committee.

The Berlin and Bhengazi committees were particularly interesting because they showed how diverse MUN can be. The Berlin Conference was a historical committee which meant that participants were required to do very in depth research while operating within the historical parameters. Conversely, delegates taking part in the Benghazi crisis were put in a situation that changed constantly, often needing to think on their feet.

Mercy delegates did very well at this simulation, taking awards in each of the three committees. Sophomore Carmela Sleva won an Honorable Mention in Berlin Conference, sophomore Lucy Devine earned a Minor Speaking Award in UNEP, and junior Kelly Eusebi also earned a Minor Speaking Award in the Benghazi Crisis committee.