Good Karma


Senior Lindsay Hiser enjoys a Karma while doing her physics homework.

Senior Lindsay Hiser enjoys a Karma while doing her physics homework.
Senior Lindsay Hiser enjoys a Karma while doing her physics homework.

Students attend Mercy for a variety of reasons, but almost all students agree on one of the school’s top advantages:  the food. The cafeteria, endearingly referred to as “the caf”, is famous for its kickin’ chicken and cookies, but the addition of “Karma” drinks to the cafeteria has left many students buzzing.

Karma is a revolutionary water drink that consists of a cap filled with vitamins released into the bottle by a simple push.  The low calorie drink boasts that it includes 110% of almost all daily vitamins and antioxidants, while remaining completely natural.  As stated on the bottle, “vitamins deteriorate in water, causing premixed vitamin drinks to lose their strength, [but] Karma’s nutrients are stored in the cap until you release them, assuring optimal freshness and potency.”

“I love Karma drinks,” said senior Lindsay Hiser.  “The cafeteria is full of clever drinks but none of them beat out Karma for the experience.”

Hiser added that one of her main reasons for purchasing Karma is the excitement of releasing the vitamins into the drink.

“It’s just so fun to watch the vitamins fall,” Hiser said.

Although Hiser is amused by the drink, she does see the downfall.

“It’s overpriced for what you’re getting,” Hiser noted.  The drink is sold in the cafeteria for $2.50, a dollar and fifty cents more than the normal water bottle.

“The drinks are so often a gimmick, and I’m not sure if I’m actually getting as much nutrients as it says on the bottle,” Hiser said.

Karma, produced in Pittsford, NY, is a high end “wellness water”, designed for those on a gluten and lactose free diet who still need to intake their daily vitamins.  The flavors of the water range from pineapple coconut to green tea, and are said by some to be overbearing.

“I like most of the flavors,” said Hiser, “but the pineapple coconut leaves a really bad aftertaste.  I mainly stick to the green tea, because it is a much more subtle version and tastes nearly identical to water.”

It’s apparent that Mercy is filling up with “good Karma”.