Student Spotlight: Kathryn Dunleavy


Freshman Kathryn Dunleavy is a dedicated student who fills her free time with a sport many Mercy girls play. girlgirlHowever, Dunleavy gives most of her hours to practice for this sport, which is her passion.

NP: What’s your favorite after school activity?

KD: I play tennis.

NP: How often do you play?

KD: I practice five or six days a week, two to three hours a day.

NP: What is your favorite thing about playing tennis?

KD: I’ve been playing tennis since I was little and it gives me a chance to meet new people. It also keeps me in shape while I have fun at the same time.

NP: How long have you been playing tennis?

KD: I started playing when I was four.

NP: How did you get into tennis?

KD:  My mom played for the University of Michigan and her whole side of the family plays. At first, when I first started, I hated tennis. I didn’t want to play because I was really small and I always lost but then I grew a little bit and I got a little bit better through hard work and determination and I started to like it.

NP: What are you most looking forward to as second semester starts?

KD: Mercy tennis! Also the fact that I’m half way done with freshman year.

NP: What is something interesting about you?

KD: I wear a bow to school every day.

NP: How many bows do you have?

KD: I have 127. I’ve worn them practically since I was born. They show my personality.