Mercy Holds Christmas Gift Drive This Week

This week, Pastoral Ministry is leading a Christmas gift drive to help out three local charities for the holiday season. The St. Vincent de Paul Ladies of Charity, Mercy Education Project, and Sweet Dreamzzz Detroit need the help of the Mercy community.

Advisee groups Barnes through Gerardi are asked to bring in fleece blankets for girls of all ages. Groups Gibb through Lusch should bring in costume jewelry and other “teen girly” items that teenage girls would like. Groups MacLennan through Robinet are asked to bring board games (not Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders) and Salvia through Wampuszyc should bring toothpaste, toothbrushes, and tube socks. Also everyone may bring crayons.

Gifts for the gift drive should be brought to your advisee group room and will then be put under the Christmas tree by the reception area. The first advisee group with 100% participation will receive a “Christmas Surprise”. The drive will take place all week so please bring in as many items as you can and get that Christmas surprise!