Let the Games Begin!


The class of 2013 won Field Day for the fourth year in a row with 24 points.  The class of 2015 came in at second place with 16 points.  The class of 2016 came in at third place with 12 points.  The class of 2014 followed closely behind with 11 points.

Streaks of black, purple, silver, hot pink, blue, and beige could be seen all over Mercy High Wednesday as girls raced to the gym to begin this year’s Field Day games.  Whistles, horns, and chants filled the air with excitement and anticipation.

Every year, Mercy girls look forward to Spirit Week and, most importantly, Field Day.  “[Field Day] is my favorite day of the year at Mercy,” said senior Angel Parker.

Field Day at Mercy is an excellent opportunity for each grade to come together and represent their class.

“I always go all out for Field Day,” said senior Adia Robins, “It’s the day I can let my true craziness come out!”

Mercy girls can often be spotted decked out, head-to-toe in their class color on Field Day.  Tutus, boas, face paint, colored hair spray, bandanas, glitter, stickers, and sometimes even full body suits are often accessories of choice.

This year’s Field Day theme was the Summer Olympics.  Girls from each grade competed in four games.  The first was a ping-pong ball toss, the second was musical chairs, the third was a relay, and the last was the annual tug-of-war.