Word to the Wise: Struggling with Studies

Kristin LeMarbe, Staff Reporter

The semester is in full swing. Your grades may not be at their best. If this is the case, you’re in luck. You go to Mercy High School.

Seriously, if you are not satisfied with your grades at the moment there will never be a better time to work on them. Being a Mercy girl means more than having a laptop to Google answers with, it comes with teachers who care about your future and off hours in order to see them for help.

You can have any grade point average you want. Next time you’re thinking about spending an off period in the cafeteria think about how ten minutes talking to your teacher about a low grade could better prepare you for your next assignment. Many girls complain about not understanding their homework when they could just send their teacher an email about stopping in for a couple minutes during some free time or after school and have all their questions answered.               

We all get the same “All Student” emails, which means we all get a weekly email from Mrs. Schrimscher about NHS tutoring every Wednesday after school. Free. Tutoring. I don’t need to say more.

Simply put, if you aren’t satisfied with your grades, you don’t have to do something about it alone. Take advantage of your resources—it will pay off.