Volleyball in full swing


Photo used with permission from Lizzie Kitchen.

Mercy Varsity Volleyball team members huddled together during a game against Bloomfield High School.

Fall sports kick off almost a whole year’s worth of exciting and successful sports seasons at Mercy, and varsity volleyball is no exception. The Mercy Varsity Volleyball team has spent the last month and a half absolutely dominating the game, currently holding the number one spot over all MHSAA Division 1 girls’ volleyball teams. The team has been able to pull off a great season thus far, despite this season being very different from others. 

“Games got pushed back, so we [had] been kind of rushing all of our games,” said junior team member Lizzie Kitchen. Even with the crammed game schedule, the team still managed to end their league play season with a 29-0 record, bringing the same spunk and drive to the sport as the team has in years past. 

    The team’s success is undoubtedly a result of the hard work and time each member dedicates. With the exception of game days (where the team only practices for about 30 minutes before the game), the team’s practice schedule is quite intense. 

    “We practice every day for two hours,” said Kitchen, “usually from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.” Practices consist of drills used to strengthen skills that seemed to be lacking in previous games and scrimmages, where every team member is on the court. 

    The volleyball team’s success can also be attributed to the bond between its members.

    “It’s fun to play with this group of girls,” said sophomore team member Lauren Smiley. Long practices, team bonding and times spent together before and after games have helped strengthen friendships between team members, ultimately making for a stronger team. 

Bonds created between team members have been especially important this year. Support from teammates during games has become more necessary than ever with the smaller number of fans cheering the team on in the crowd.    

“The bench at games just [had] to make up the crowd’s energy and fill that silence,” said Smiley. With the team’s obvious successes so far this season, it is safe to say the team members have done their jobs by not only trying their best on the court, but also being there for their teammates.