Mercy Varsity Hockey: a successful year and dedicated team


Senior goalie Charlotte Syke watches from the bench as her teammates compete against Northville High School on Friday, February 28th. Photo by Julia Canty

Mercy’s varsity hockey team (MVH) once again secured their title as Catholic League champs and are using the same motivation and dedication to prepare for states. 

The success of MVH can be attributed to their commitment to improving themselves as players. Throughout the course of the season, the team spends multiple hours a week in practice creating plays, setting up different offensive and defensive lines, skating, and conditioning. Because of this hard work, MVH has been able to compete as a third period team as their level of stamina supports a longer game. 

Senior Zabrina Levasseur has been on the team since she was a freshman and is very proud of what she has been able to accomplish. Levasseur has pushed herself to transition from a former goalie to a forward skater. The ability of each and every team member to push themselves to their limits in similar ways is why Levasseur believes the team has been so successful.

“There was so much work that I put in, so having that all pay off was so great,” said Levasseur. 

This perseverance has united the girls both off and on the ice. Between multiple unity bonding events, long hours practicing together, and the annual Traverse City tournament, the team has grown very close. Junior and defensive skater Lindsey Walton said her favorite memory from this season was when the team went snow tubing together and all tried to go down the hill at one time. She has been on the team for three years and said the chemistry the team has this year from their friendship is the best it’s ever been.

“We really started to glue together and become a real team,” said Walton. 

MVH beat Cranbrook in the Catholic League championship game. Not only was this win a moment of celebration for the girls but it has been a huge source of inspiration to continue working hard for the rest of the season. The next steps for MVH are to prepare for the state championships. They are confident that through their efforts they can secure a spot in the state championship game and hopefully bring home another win. 

“Some people go their whole lives without winning anything, so to [potentially] win another state championship is crazy,” said Walton.