Student government working to boost school spirit


Sophomore Julia Rea shoots the ball for a goal mid-practice. Photo by Rachael Salah

When one thinks of high school stereotypes, they may think of  a basketball game with the stands packed to the gills. However, at Mercy this, unfortunately, is not the case. Yet the athletes don’t feel discouraged.

“It would be nice to have a bigger crowd at our games,” said sophomore Mae Korte, captain of the JVB field hockey team at Mercy. “But that doesn’t affect how I play at all because if you like the sport enough, it shouldn’t matter.”

Sophomore Julia Rea agreed with Korte. “I never really notice when the crowd isn’t there,” she said. “I’m typically too focused on the game.”

Student government is doing a lot to try to convince more students to support their sports teams.

“In order to encourage attendance we are making specific digital flyers for each game that highlights the details and gives a theme for the game,” said Student Government Chair Macey Earle. “We post those flyers on various social media platforms to promote them.”

Social media plays a major role in getting the message out to Mercy students. Since platforms like Twitter and Instagram are used by most teenagers, getting the word out is quite simple. The difficult thing is actually getting the students to come, not only to big games against rival schools like Marian, but to all games. Overall, the student section needs improvement and more school spirit.