Softball’s hopes for success


The Mercy softball team has been swinging their way through the season, and the girls are preparing for their final games and a run to districts, regionals, and states. So far, the team’s game record is half wins, half losses, but with how much the team has changed and grown together in the past season, the girls say they are hopeful for a successful end to their year.

At the beginning of the year, the softball team got a new coach which took some adjusting for the team dynamic.

“Our team has adapted really well to having a new coach, Coach Kayce,” said junior Libby Chevalier. “She is really supportive and positive. I think as a whole, the team really likes her because she is young and played Mercy softball not too long ago, so she understands what it’s like to be on the team.”

With the help of the new coach and the new life she has brought to the team, the girls have been able to do more bonding activities and grow closer through their time together. For any sports team, it is imperative to know how to work well together, and with everything the team does together, they have adapted well and know how and when to help one another.

“Our team has really good chemistry and we all get along super well,” Chevalier said. “I also think we are all super supportive of each other which is so good for the team dynamic.”

Looking forward to the end of the season, the girls are preparing for some pretty important games. The team is continuing to attend tournaments throughout their season as it gives them more experience competing against other teams that are not in their league.

The team’s biggest goal for the end of their season, however, is to do well in the race towards states. This starts with districts, then regionals, then semis, and states. The team advances if they continue winning which could potentially lead to a state title.

The team has worked hard to put themselves in the best position possible to succeed not only by putting in the practice time and performing well, but also by created a successful dynamic between each individual on the team in order to create a cohesive unit that works well together.