Mercy’s sister soccer bond


This year, Mercy’s Varsity Soccer team has grown to be a stronger and closer team, on and off the field. This year has served as a rebuilding year for Mercy’s soccer team thanks to the many girls and coaches that have worked together to build a successful team.

The regular season is starting to draw to a close and the road to states is starting. The team has district semi-finals on Tuesday the 28th of May against Groves, and if they win, they will advance to district finals against either Stevenson or Farmington on June 1st. If the team is successful in these games, their season could extend well beyond the end of the school year.

This year, the team has grown very close and have made sure to have fun, even in the stressful or highly important times of their season. In previous years, the team has sometimes let their losses get the best of them and has brought the team down. This year, the girls were determined to overcome their challenges together.

“We are more positive than previous years and are all friends on and off the field,” said junior Macey Earle.

The season has seen mixed results when it came to wins, but the girls say they feel confident because of the skill they know they have.

“We have a lot of talented players,” said Earle. “We have just come up a little short in a few games that we definitely had the potential of winning.”

With their positive outlook in mind, the team continues to practice everyday to build towards success in their important upcoming games.

Over the past few years, the soccer team has seen some changes regarding coaches and the set-up of their team. This has brought them adversity that needed to be overcome for a successful season. This season, by keeping a positive attitude, supporting each other, and moving past loses and turning them into victories, the team has been able to grow stronger than ever before.

“Overall it’s been an exciting year,” Earle said. “We have definitely taken a step in the right direction to rebuild the program.”