A home run season


Junior Emma Dompierre (left) prepares to catch a ball coming her way while her new coach, Kayce Nieto (middle), observes. Photo by Caitlin Flynn

The sweat, dirt, and bruises that accompany the game of softball are enough to test the mental strength of anyone willing to step up to the plate. Practices can be long, games even longer, and sometimes the beating sun or biting winds can get overwhelming. With a team of supporting, energetic girls, however, Mercy Varsity Softball can overcome any adversity thrown their way.

Despite not winning their division this year, MVS looks forward to districts with their heads held high. The team’s growth throughout the season reiterates the core values of any successful team, which is supportive teammates and coaches who strive to give every player a shot at greatness.

This year, Kayce Nieto, a Mercy alumnae, took on the role of head coach for the very first time for MVS, which was an adjustment for most players, but ultimately led to a fun season for everyone.

“The whole team has gotten so close this year,” said junior Caroline Carlson. “I think the friendships really translate into how we play because we’ve gotten pretty far and are doing good.”

In the past, there has been a distance between the underclassmen and upperclassmen, but this year the divide between the classes was finally bridged. Consisting of one senior, seven juniors, three sophomores, and three freshman, there was an almost equal number of under and upperclassmen.

“It’s an older team, but we love our freshman and sophomores tons and [they] really contribute to the team,” said Carlson.

Next year, with mainly returning players, MVS can expect even more opportunities to bond and grow closer as teammates as well as advancing in their skills and winning their district.