Mercy lax and lifelong friendships


Sophomore Jill Smith prepares to pass a ball to her teammate during practice. Photo by Lauren Krill

Whenever Mercy Varsity Lacrosse players go to practice, they’re not only going to see their teammates, but their family. To these players, the game is more than about scoring another goal, it’s about supporting their friends and having fun together, through wins and losses.

The varsity team consists of 10 juniors, four seniors, and three sophomores. Despite the wide range of grades, the skill level is very balanced, with everyone doing their part to contribute to the success of the team. It also helps that the sophomores are so close with the upperclassmen.

“We work really well together on the field,” said junior Rachel Glowzinski. “There’s this respect there that makes everyone equals while we’re playing.”

Even when they pull underclassmen on the JV team up for some games, the older girls make sure to take them under their wing and make playing with them an enjoyable time.    

“I love creating a bond with the underclassmen, especially because they’re going to be my teammates next year,” said Glowzinski.    

This year has been unique in regards to their opponents since all divisions are completely new, and theirs is so small. Because of this, MVL has played many new teams from far and wide, but Marian and Cranbrook remain the top rivals.

Currently, MVL is 0-2 with both Marian and Cranbrook, but nearly every game was a close call. Next year, with mainly returning seniors and juniors making up the team, they plan to have an exciting year of bonding and working hard to pull out wins against their competitors who have bested them this year.

“Our team is a lot like a family,” said Glowzinski. “We all motivate each other to work harder and be more engaged.”