Fast-break into the lacrosse world


Sophomore Jill Smith poses with her lacrosse stick before jumping into a rigorous practice. Photo by Alyssa Johnston

Mercy sophomore Jillian Smith has played lacrosse for six years now. She is one of the most promising players on the Mercy lacrosse team and has a great passion for the sport. Even when Smith talks about the sport, her eyes light up with joy.

Smith’s lacrosse journey started when Mercy senior Annie Treharne, a childhood peer at Our Lady of Sorrows, told her to try out for the travel team when Smith was in fifth grade.

“Everyone told me that Mercy lacrosse is always fun and a good experience,” Smith said. “Colleges like it when you play for your high school, and Libby Bartels was also on the team, and I am close with Libby.”

Smith made the Varsity lacrosse team her freshman year and is playing her sophomore year as well. She enjoys playing and has made many friends and memories from the experience.

“I like the Mercy team a lot,” Smith said. “ I like going to school with the people I play with because no one from my travel team goes to Mercy.  My favorite lacrosse memory is so hard because there are so many. Probably my favorite was last year during the high school season when it was raining out and we all just decided to swim in the ponds instead of practice.”

Smith likes being able to take control of the field.

“I’m a midfielder and center, so I take the draw,” said Smith. “I like taking the draw because I like directing the ball where I want it to go. And the position just fit.”

Smith plays for the travel lacrosse team, Triumph. This is a year-round team that gives small breaks during the high school seasons.

“There are still practices and random things, but not as much as the normal season,” Smith said. “My travel team only plays on the East Coast because that is where lacrosse is popular. I really like taking our vans and buses on trips to the East Coast because it is a lot of fun.

Smith plans on going as far as she can with her lacrosse journey.

“I do plan on playing in college,” said Smith. “Right now, Northwestern is my number one choice, and then Florida State and Michigan are also in my top three. My lacrosse playing will probably be done after college because they only have a USA team and I don’t know if I would want to do that. ”