MVB’s sophomores sweep Salem


Sophomore Ellie Tisko (right) posts up during an inbounds pass against a Salem Rocks player while sophomore Jillian Smith (left) opens up looking for an opportunity to score. Photo by Carrie Jefferson

Mercy Varsity Basketball team squeezed past Salem with a score of 38-25 during a Friday night game on December 14. With a starting line up of seniors Allison Schulz and Annie Treharne as well as sophomores Julia Bishop, Alexis Roberts, and Jillian Smith, the Marlins kept the Rocks at bay while maintaining a close lead. At halftime, the score was 9-9, running tensions high between both teams. As the game went on, the Marlins shifted their line up to an all-sophomore squad consisting of Lindsay Lukomski, Alexis Roberts, Julia Bishop, Ellie Tisko, and Jillian Smith. The young five played for the majority of the game, subbing in other girls as well for quick breathers or foul trouble.

“I love playing with us five sophomores,” said Smith, one of the leading scorers. “I think the five of us are pretty athletic and that helps making it a fast and aggressive game.”

Smith is right. The aggression seen by the sophomores truly leads the team toward a winning direction.

“Us five have chemistry together and I feel it affects the way we play for sure,” said Smith.

With the season just beginning, the Marlins look on to the future with big ideas in mind. One major goal of the team is to beat Marian. Marian, a well-known rival of Mercy, is always the team to beat, and the Marlins are putting in the work.

“We do lots of running to get us in shape, and we practice game situation and our plays and defense,” said Smith. “We [also] scrimmage to practice against real defense.

Aside from tense practices and games, MVB always looks forward to be together, especially during basketball season.

“I am excited to get close with the team and become a family like we always do,” said Smith.

They say teamwork makes the dream work, and in MVB’s case, that proves to be true.

“The team is really supportive,” said Tisko. “We all just have fun during practices, but get serious when it needs to be.”