Zurawski’s golden golf season


Zurawski takes some practice swings as she prepares for her big day at the State Championship. Photo used with permission from: Ed Zurawski

Junior Elyse Zurawski stepped up to tee at the golf State Championships. She could barely see through the quarter-inch hail and freezing rain, but she was determined to beat her record. Zurawski swung and waited anxiously as her ball zipped through the air. Once she finished her stroke, all that was left to do was wait for the results.

When the team heard the news that they had gotten second place, everyone was ecstatic.

That moment of celebration completely cancelled out all of the negative emotions I was feeling from the rough day,” said Zurawski.

However, getting second place at States this fall was not the golf team’s only accomplishment. They also placed in Catholic Leagues and Regionals, Zurawski being one of the leading scorers in all of these.

In a nine hole course, Zurawski’s record is 40. In an 18 hole course, her record is 81. These prestigious records and many of her other accomplishments throughout the season contributed to her nomination for the All-State team. 

“I have been playing golf since I was eight, but I did not start competitive golfing until my freshman year,” said Zurawski.

Her golfing career does not end at the end after the Mercy golf season. She continues to practice and participate in tournaments outside of Mercy in preparation for next year’s season.

“When we are off season, I compete in tournaments, such as the Callaway Meijer Junior Tour, as an individual participant,” Zurawski said.

Zurawski is very thankful for her Mercy team and is very excited for the next season. “I always think about how we are not just a team, but a family,” she said.