Swim team’s winning streak continues


Junior Emily Guerrera is congratulated after a race by teammates Sarah Puscas (left) and Lindsey Case (right). Fair use: photo from Instagram

Mercy’s swim and dive team brought home another championship win on October 6. The title of Oakland County Champions has been awarded to the team for years due to their motivation and hard work. The team’s dedication has been helping them achieve great things over the past several years and this win is another representation of their efforts.

The week prior to the meet is crucial for the athletes in terms of physical preparation. “Peak week” is the hardest week of workouts where the team spends a lot of time lifting weights and sprinting. This intense training allows the girls to be in their best shape for the race and be as prepared as possible for their events.

Each swimmer approaches the meet differently and has various ways in which they prepare themselves. Senior Courtney Connolly says she listens to music and eats a package of bacon before every meet. These rituals help Connolly feel her best before she competes. Another Mercy swimmer, junior Tierney Janovsky, says she makes sure she is getting enough sleep during the nights before the event and does a lot of stretching. Although the girls have individual preparations, they also get ready together. Right before the meet starts the girls get into a circle and listen to their favorite music.

“[We were] not focusing on our swims or the nerves,” said Janovsky. “We were just there in the moment as a team.”

Not only does such a big win show how determined and talented the athletes on the swim team are, but it demonstrates how well they complement each other. Connolly says that the girls on the sidelines are constantly cheering for their teammates and showing continuous support. Accomplishments such as this display how well they each pull their own weight as well as come together in support of a common goal.

“Next, we hope to be Catholic champs again,” said Connolly. “then hopefully another D1 State Championship.”