Scoring goals and memories


Junior Sydney Takla drives down the field with her head in the game determined to leave with a victory. Photo used with permission from Sydney Takla

Junior Sydney Takla reaches for her mouth guard and goggles before situating them on perfectly. After snatching her stick and wishing her teammates good luck before their game, she heads onto the field hockey field determined to leave with a victory. With the fans cheering and the clicking of the girls’ sticks on their opponents’, it was officially game time for the Mercy Varsity Field Hockey team.

Takla started playing field hockey for the first time freshmen year when she tried out for the team. She only had the experience of playing hockey and thought she would give field hockey a shot. “It was a last minute decision to play,” said Takla. “I thought it would be a good way to meet new people since I came from Hillside Middle School (in Northville), which is a public school.”

Takla made the Freshmen team freshmen year, JV sophomore year, and this year, she made varsity. She loves the sport and is hoping to be able to play in college.

“I love being able to spend time with my friends while also getting to know new people,” Takla said.