Mercy tennis wraps up season

The Mercy Tennis team has had a wonderful season this year. The team meets every Monday through Thursday for practices as well as for matches throughout the week. On some Saturdays, the team also attends all day tournaments.

One aspect of the team that has really stood out this season is their unity. Mercy Tennis has held bonding events throughout their season to bring them together, making their team dynamic better.

“We do team unities on the Fridays we don’t have practice,” said junior Katie Bullock. “We get food and just talk. Tennis brings us all together, but we’ve all gotten closer and gotten to know more about one another.”

The team genuinely enjoys spending time with each other on and off the court.

“I think that we have a good team this year,” said junior Sophie VanDerweele. “We are all pretty close which makes the long matches more bearable when you not only get to cheer on a teammate, but also a friend.

Players on the Mercy Tennis team support each other and are able to learn from each other during practices and matches.

“I’ve improved a lot as a player,” said Bullock. “Being able to practice throughout the week with the other girls is really beneficial. I’ve learned a lot through watching them and playing with them.”

With such a close group of girls, it has been easy for them to improve not only as individual players but collectively as a team.

“I think our team has improved throughout the season in terms of supporting each other and getting to know one another,” said Bullock. “ We have a really good group this year and we really want the best for one another.”

Being part of a this team motivates its players to find their love for the sport.

“I was pretty little when I started playing tennis but didn’t start to take it as seriously until I had a team to motivate me during the off season,” said VanDerweele.

The Mercy Tennis team has had a great season. Becoming closer makes all the players look forward to next year and spending more time together outside of the season. Bullock’s views on her tennis experience is representative of the emotions felt by her whole team.

“We are all such great friends and make each other laugh all the time,” said Bullock. “Tennis is just in my blood.”

Junior Jacqueline Hijaouy helps her team win their match. Photo Credit: Roxana Hijaouy