A season to remember


Photo used with permission from: Grace Denomme

Senior Grace Denomme sprints around the track, moving her legs as fast as they’ll go. She feels a rush of accomplishment as she crosses the finish line. She walks off the track as she hears her teammates and coaches clapping for her.

This is Denomme’s first year on Mercy’s track and field team. Never having done the sport before, Denomme wanted to try it out before she graduated.

“I joined track because my friend Elena Ervin said it was a good time,” said Denomme. “My goal for senior year was to have fun and do new things, and that’s what I did when I decided to join track.”

Denomme runs the 200m dash, 400m dash, 800m relay, and participates in the long jump field event. Even though she enjoys participating in these races, her favorite part of track and field is being with her teammates.

“My favorite part about track is the people,” said Denomme. “Everyone is so genuine and is always there for me for the good days and the bad days.”

One of Denomme’s favorite memories from this season is with her fellow senior, Becca Heaman.

“Every day since track, I took a video of myself documenting my feelings toward the sport,” said Denomme. “Becca actually made a short documentary on it and it’s really funny.”

When she graduates, Denomme will miss the friendships and bonds she has created with her teammates.

“No matter what grade everyone is in, [we all are] connected and [are] so close,” said Denomme. “I’m equally close with the freshmen as I am with the seniors and you don’t get that with every sport. It’s very refreshing.”