Team USA skater receives silver medal


Corinne Fereshetian smiles with Team USA after a successful skate. (Photo reprinted with permission of Corinne Fereshetian.)

Two countries, four plane rides, one rivalry, and many pizzas later, senior Corinne Fereshetian is now the proud owner of a bronze and silver medal for synchronized skating. Fereshetian, along Team USA, the Hockettes, competed overseas in two international competitions this winter.

The Hockettes first flew to Switzerland for the Neuchâtel Trophy 2018. They skated as the sole team from USA, competing against groups from across the world, from France to Australia. After performing a short program to songs from the Wonder Woman soundtrack and their long program, which was a tribute to Cher, their two scores were added together and compared to those of the other countries.

“We scored our highest long program score [at the Neuchâtel Trophy],” said Fereshetian. “We ended up with a bronze medal, right behind Finland 1 and Finland 2, so the only country that beat us was Finland. We’re very proud of that skate and that trip was very successful.”

Despite minor setbacks in the beginning, Fereshetian and Team USA emerged accomplished.

“I was very proud of my team because we had a lot of adversity going into that competition,” said Fereshetian. “We had a lot of injuries and a lot of sickness. We went in thinking anything could happen and just put it all out there. There’s no better feeling than standing on the podium and hearing your national anthem while the flag is raised.”

A week later, after only three days of training, the Hockettes traveled to Scotland. Again, Fereshetian competed against teams from across the country, but this time, they were not the only Team USA. The Chicago Jazz synchronized skating team also performed in Scotland, and unfortunately, defeated Hockettes, receiving the gold medal, while Fereshetian received silver.

“We really wanted the gold, but we came just a little short,” said Fereshetian. “The ‘Chicago Jazz versus the Hockettes’ rivalry has been going on since my coach’s time. It’s upsetting to be so close to them but it’s always a healthy rivalry and good getting to see them.”

Fereshetian describes the enjoyment of traveling overseas and competing in new places at such a high level.

“We toured a bunch of castles, we had tea, we shopped around,” said Fereshetian. “It was such a fun competition. I definitely would love to go back to Scotland.”