MVB Player Profile: Gabby Aprilliano


Jenna Schluter (left) and Gabby Aprilliano (right) are MVB’s point guards.

Although MVB is less than halfway through the winter season, it has already made striking accomplishments. The team has won three out of four Catholic League games, and the team record is 5-1. Senior Gabby Aprilliano has played in the Mercy basketball circuit for all four years of high school — but was hesitant to continue playing for her last year.

“It was really about playing time,” Aprilliano said. “Last year on varsity, so many games would pass by where I wouldn’t get any game time. I would only get to experience the game if we were winning by a lot.”

Aprilliano serves as the team’s runner-up point guard, a position she’s been playing since 4th grade. She joined the varsity squad as a junior, an achievement that brought unfamiliar challenges.

“I played a lot more in my freshman and sophomore years on JV,” Aprilliano said. “It’s hard to work hard in practice and not get time on the court against the opponents.”

Although she was hesitant to continue, her love for the team and the sport trumped minimal game time.

“This year, at our first game, I went in for a little bit in the first half and made five points,” Aprilliano said. “That made me realize how happy I was to continue playing. I made the right choice. At the post-game talk, my coaches mentioned how I played well in front of everyone. At that moment, I was really excited for the season.”

Aprilliano even saw the court in a Dec. 15 game against MVB’s biggest rival — Marian.

“It was a huge moment when I got to play against Marian,” Aprilliano said. “Usually against Marian, only the top six players go in. I ended up playing in both halves. Even though we lost, (the coach) complimented the seniors’ playing afterwards. It was really cool to share that experience with my teammates.”

Yet, Aprilliano has more goals than just to receive more playing time. She hopes to reduce her turnovers and gain confidence with her ball-handling. Even when she doesn’t go into games, she keeps a happy, positive attitude to support her team.

“No matter what score is on the board,” Jenna Schluter, MVB’s starting point guard, said. “Gabby stays optimistic and positive throughout the entire game.”

Schluter labels herself as Aprilliano’s close friend on and off the court, recognizing that basketball has helped them achieve a strong friendship.

“She has so much skill and always works to improve,” Schluter said. “As a team captain and her best friend, it’s really cool to see.”

With the season’s halfway mark approaching, Aprilliano has never been happier to continue MVB for her last year of high school.

“I realized after my first game that this season would be different,” Aprilliano said. “I love my team so much, they’re like my family. It’s really fun to have a variety of friendships, especially with the underclassmen. I’ve realized basketball is a big part of my happiness, and I never want to give that up.”

Aprilliano’s struggles with MVB has given her life lessons that she plans to take with her for future dilemmas — whether athletically, academically or life, in general.

“A lot of things in life won’t come easy,” Aprilliano said. “You won’t just start off at the top. My experience helped me realize this, and that you still need to support those on your team even while you’re working hard to be top.”