MVD competes with lyrical routine


The Mercy Varsity Dance team prepares to perform the routine they worked to perfect over the span of 4 weeks. (Photo used with permission from: Davia Smith)

The Mercy Varsity Dance team (MVD) competed in the UDA competition on December 3rd at Stevenson High School in Sterling Heights. The girls performed a lyrical routine to “The Light that Never Fails”, placing fourth out of eight teams in the small jazz division.

“I was proud of how my team came together and did well,” said senior Davia Smith.

The team has previously competed in this competition, but placed higher this year.

“It took us many weeks to prep for this competition. First we had to learn the routine, choreographed by an outside choreographer. Then we had to clean it, being extremely specific about small details,” said Senior Holly Ashworth.

The team will continue to work together throughout the duration of the season, practicing multiple times a week.

“I am very excited for Catholic Leagues this year after our win last year. I hope we can continue our winning streak,” said Ashworth.