Mercy Varsity Lacrosse says goodbye to seniors


Mercy Varsity Lacrosse seniors hold up the posters their fellow teammates have given them on senior night. (From right to left: Ciara Lopus, Emma Easson, Meg Powers, Edie Jones, Ellie Gouvia , Evie Drukker, Maria Bowen, Hannah Roegner, Amelia Bartels, Natalie Masopust) (Photo courtesy of: Amelia Bartels)

As another school year draws to a close, so does another season for Mercy Varsity Lacrosse. This year, the team says goodbye to 10 seniors as they play their last few lacrosse games at Mercy. These seniors were honored at senior night for their hard work and dedication to the team for the past four years. During this evening, the seniors reflected on their accomplishments, favorite memories, and wins that they have experienced while playing lacrosse at Mercy.

“The thing that I will miss the most about lacrosse is probably hanging out with the team during practice and game day bagels,” said Mercy Varsity Lacrosse player and senior Evie Drukker.

With such a large number of seniors on the team, they have undoubtedly formed strong bonds with one another that will likely last a lifetime.

“My teammates have impacted my life in a pretty big way,” said Drukker. “One of my best friends is on the team and she is the one who told me to look at St. Louis University. When I toured the school, I fell in love with it. So because of her, I found the college where I am going to be spending the next four years of my life.”

The seniors will be greatly missed by their fellow teammates.

“I will miss the seniors because they have always been leaders [of] the team,” said junior Claire Stanners. “Whether it be on JV my freshman year or varsity this year. While being leaders, they also kept the seasons fun and exciting. They have really inspired me to become better and really earn my playing time. They set great examples of being civil and gracious whether we win or lose a game.”

To show their appreciation for the seniors, fellow teammates showered them with love, posters, and hugs on senior night.