Freshmen take on MVS

Freshman Chloe Woodbeck (#11) has made her mark on MVS as a starting midfielder. She often plays with her sister, senior Brianna Woodbeck, on the field, making them an unstoppable dynamic duo. (Photo credit: Andy Swiecki)

Talent comes in all shapes and sizes… and ages. The Mercy Varsity Soccer (MVS) team has definitely found this to be true. Two freshmen, Elena Lenyo and Chloe Woodbeck, have made their mark on the varsity team in a short period of time. While juggling a hectic transition year and overcoming all the obstacles that freshman year presents, both Lenyo and Woodbeck have taken on the extra challenge of playing varsity soccer.

“I am so appreciative of my time on the team,” said Woodbeck. “The team welcomed me with open arms. Plus, my sister Brianna is a senior on the team this year, so it helped to have her by my side the whole time.”

Woodbeck stresses how grateful she is to have had the opportunity to play high school soccer with her sister for a year. The two are practically inseparable.

“Our coach, Gene Pulice, always makes jokes about the two of us never leaving one another’s side,” said Woodbeck. “He will often times even stand between us just to separate us. It is kind of the running joke on the team that you can’t split up the Woodbeck sisters.”

Although the Woodbecks are the only actual sisters on the team, MVS has an undeniable sisterhood in general. Lenyo, in particular, has bonded well with senior Angela Lindow.

“I love Angela,” said Lenyo. “I had no idea what to expect coming into the team, and Angela really helped make my transition that much smoother.”

Not unlike the Woodbeck sisters, Lenyo and Lindow are often connected at the hip. The two like to hang out both on and off the field.

“She drives me home pretty much every day,” said Lenyo. “Plus, we go and get food together all the time, sometimes even before practice.”

While both Lenyo and Woodbeck have found someone they can count on and look up to, both girls expressed how much they love being a part of the team as a whole.

“The girls on MVS took me in,” said Woodbeck. “I have met so many great people, and I am glad to have such a great group of friends to spend all my time with. Even though they are older than me, I don’t even feel like a freshman. Out on the field, we are all just a team.”

Lenyo agreed.

“I love the girls on the team and I have made a lot of new friends because of it,” she said. “It’s not always easy being the youngest or smallest player on the field. However, on MVS, I am just a member of the team. I am most grateful for all of the new friendships I have made this season.”