Varsity softball remains undefeated


Senior captain Abby Krzywiecki steps up to bat. She leads the team, with five home runs so far this season. (Photo used with permission from Abby Krzywiecki)

Mercy Varsity Softball swept Ladywood this past Tuesday in a double header. The team’s record is now 10-0, about halfway through its regular season.

Top scorers thus far are seniors Abby Krzywiecki and Cari Padula, and juniors Sophie Van Acker and Nicole Belans. Krzywiecki has had five home runs, one of them a grand slam.

Although Krzywiecki pitched a majority of the games last year, senior Andrea Elmore has taken over at the mound this season. According to Krzywiecki, Elmore’s new position is well deserved.

“Andrea has improved so much as a player, especially her pitching,” Krzywiecki said. “It’s been so much fun to watch her play.”

Still, Krzywiecki has had a standout season so far. She has been nominated for several awards, including the DAC Athlete of the Year Award, Softball Player of the Year, Miss Softball, and MLive’s Athlete of the Week Award. She now primarily plays first base and is still committed to play softball at the University of South Alabama.

Van Acker currently leads the team with the highest batting average. Krzywiecki said she is not surprised by her teammate’s success.

“[Sophie] is an incredibly hard out to get,” she said. “She is a huge threat to other teams in that sense. She has had a very impressive season so far.”