Put on your dancing shoes

Dance team tryouts are afoot! Over a series of three different days, coach Licia Camp will observe Mercy girls learning a hip-hop and jazz routine and working on various exercises. On the third day of tryouts, the girls will be performing the two numbers they learned in pairs in front of a panel of judges, with both a skill set round and an improv round.

“The numbers are normally pretty short, so it’s not too difficult to learn them; it’s just important to perform them with lots of energy and confidence,” explained junior Kate O’Sullivan. “The skill set round is normally just you showing the judges sets of turns or leaps that they want to see and after that you have an improv round which is your time to shine and really show them what you have to offer.”

O’Sullivan has been looking forward to this upcoming season because, this fall, she will be a senior and be eligible to assume a leadership role on the team.

“I’m especially looking forward to spending more time with all the girls,” said O’Sullivan. “They’re all so fun and I think we have great dynamics when we work together.”

O’Sullivan feels confident in herself when it comes to this year’s tryouts. Though the tryout process is usually a bit little nerve-racking, O’Sullivan is having fun and enjoying the time she’s gotten to spend with the other girls.

“I think tryouts are going well, I’m having a lot of fun with it,” said O’Sullivan. “Tomorrow is the judge’s panel day, so hopefully all goes well with that and we get a good team out of the group who is trying out”

To see more of the auction process and O’Sullivan and the girls at work check out the photo gallery!