Humans of Mercy: Sammy Kleedtke


Caitlin Somerville

When she was younger, junior Sammy Kleedtke spent time in the Olympic Development Program before moving to her current team, the Hawks.

Mercy’s student body is filled with talented athletes. From swimming in the fall to soccer in the spring, Mercy’s successful athletics program has seen brilliant student athletes put their skills on display all year, many of whom go on to perform in college. Not all of Mercy’s successful athletes represent their school, however. Some, like junior Sammy Kleedtke, find success in opting to play for their club instead.

“I play soccer year-round for the Michigan Hawks, so I can’t play for Mercy,” Kleedtke said.

Having played soccer for 11 years, Kleedtke is evidently very dedicated to her sport, and she officially committed to play at the Univ. of Wisconsin this past winter.

“My sophomore year I did a bunch of visits to Big Ten schools, just talking to coaches and checking out campuses,” Kleedtke said. “I chose Wisconsin because I’ve known the coach for a long time and liked the feel of the campus.”

An aspiring engineer, Kleedtke isn’t currently playing any other sports, choosing instead to devote her time to school and traveling with her soccer club.

“My favorite thing about playing soccer would have to be going out of town,” she said. “I get to travel a lot of different places, which is a lot of fun.”

She may not be wearing the maroon and gold, but Kleedtke is definitely among the stars here at Mercy.