For the love of the game

Last season Dunleavy played number one singles for Mercy’s team.

At the age of 3, senior Kathryn Dunleavy picked up her first racket. Since then, tennis has been her passion. The varsity tennis captain has dedicated countless hours to the game and it has paid off. Dunleavy has been a varsity tennis player since her freshman year at Mercy, which is a huge feat for any player.

“I love tennis,” said Dunleavy. “Playing with the team is so much fun. I love the challenges that come with tennis.”

From serves to forehands to backhands, Dunleavy has mastered it all. She describes her game as being “patiently aggressive.” She consistently hits the ball deep into the court and waits for the perfect shot to attack. Her strategy is proven to work, as she is an all-state, all-Catholic, all-region, all-area, and all-county awarded player. Aside from loving the game itself, Dunleavy loves the camaraderie of the team. As captain, Dunleavy does all she can to unite the team and make every player feel included.

“I hope that everyone feels like they have a place to call home on the team,” said Dunleavy. “I am happy to have the opportunity to meet the new team members.”

Dunleavy’s love of tennis runs in the family. Her mom, a Mercy alum and assistant coach to Mercy’s team, is also a tennis player. Mrs. Dunleavy picked up the sport at 16, and continued playing in college at the University of Michigan. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Dunleavy will play college tennis in the fall at Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania. Dunleavy anticipates to play in one of the top three spots at the division one school, but can adapt to any position on the team.

Dunleavy is versatile, competitive, and motivated, and it shows on the court. She runs down every ball and leaves her heart on the court after every match. Her athletic ability and dedication to the game is what earned her a chance to play at the college level.

“I’ve always wanted to play in college,” said Dunleavy. “It feels amazing knowing all my hard work paid off.”