Mercy’s dance team gears up for basketball season


Mercy’s dance team will be performing at Mercy Varsity Basketball games this school year. (Photo credit: Avery Ellis)

During spirit week, the Mercy community saw a powerful performance from Mercy’s new dance team. Though it is new to the athletic family this year, it is surely leaving its mark on the dance community.

The dance team is off to a great start this school year. It has competed twice so far this season. In the second competition, the Great Lakes Dance Competition, the dance team placed third with its performance to a mix of “679”, “Truffle butter”, “Diva” and “7/11”. The team’s dance routines blend the styles of jazz, hip hop, and contemporary, among others.

“My favorite part of being on [the] dance team is getting to dance with my teammates,” said freshman Avery Ellis.

The dance team is made up of 11 Mercy girls from all grades, and practices hard every Thursday and Friday morning to perfect its routines. The girls are coached by Ms. Lucia Camp, who also the coaches the pompon team.

Aside from competitions, the dance team also performs at the Mercy Varsity Basketball (MVB) games, with routines at halftime for both home and away games. Its next performance will be Dec. 1 at an MVB game.

The dance team still has a busy season ahead. It is scheduled to compete in three more competitions this year, in hopes of making it to the Catholic League competition.