Catholic schools combine on the soccer field

Photo Credit: Peyton Pawlusiak

Mercy athletes recently collaborated with Catholic Central (CC) students to form a recreational soccer league for the indoor season.

The team is known as “The Goal Diggers” and its creative name was derived from the song “Gold Diggers” by Kanye West.  The team wears black t-shirts with their logo and team name on them.  There are 16 players on the team, from  both Mercy and CC.  Although the team plays soccer, only three of the team’s players play competitive soccer.

“It gets pretty interesting,” said senior Emma Lafferty.  “We will do whatever it takes to get those goals.  We are really trying to work on getting our shots off.”

The team does not practice together, but has an impressive coaching staff of junior Bianca Burger and senior Bridget Lyons.  Their current record thus far in the season is 0-0-2.

There are six games left in the season, but The Goal Diggers have already played and tied their toughest competitor, the “Squad”.  The Goal Diggers play every Saturday at the Total Sports Complex in Novi at 11:30 p.m.

“The best thing about our team is that we all have each other’s backs,” said Lafferty.  “We are [a] family.”